So what exactly is Dripp?

You didn’t come off an assembly line.

We don’t think your treats should either.

At Dripp®, our goal is simple: we want our coffee, ice cream and cookies to be absolutely
the most delicious you’ve ever tasted. That’s why every item we serve is individually
designed and made to order just for you. From the fresh beans we roast and grind for your
coffee to ice cream sandwiches stacked your way, you get customized, personal service
every time.

We’ve traveled the globe to find the best tasting ingredients, and the most flavorenhancing
methods available, anywhere in the world. You’ll enjoy the finest from Ethiopia,
Kenya, Rwanda, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and Indonesia – including ambrosial coffees
and tasty treats that are second to none.

While you’re here, be sure to bask in the relaxed atmosphere – a cozy blend of classical
old world and modern styles. Use our free Wi-Fi to check in with your peeps. Scan the
latest news on one of our in-store iPads. Hold that important “meeting.??? Write your
amazing novel, or just hang out and chill. You can always sidle up to the Dripp® Bar when
you need more fuel.

We’ve traveled the globe to find
the best tasting ingredients

About our coffee

Dripp® strives to offer only the most amazing tasting stuff. When you talk about choosing a
spectacular cup of Joe – which you may have enjoyed in a classy hotel, high-end restaurant
or a specialty coffee bar – Espresso Republic® is a no-brainer. We’re proud to offer the
same superior coffee at Dripp®.

Most national coffee roasters buy their beans in huge batches that are roasted all at
once. The trouble is, after sitting in the sun and being hauled around in trucks, ships and
containers, the layers of green coffee dry at different rates depending on their exposure
to sun and/or moisture. Dumping ’em all in the roaster at once produces inconsistent
results, and makes it tough to get a perfect roast every time.

For that perfect coffee or espresso, our roasting partner Espresso Republic® only roasts
beans in small batches. They buy small lots of green coffee, separate them by the amount
of moisture they contain, and adjust the roasting profiles and times accordingly.

We also like how picky they are about the beans they buy. Several times a year they visit
the coffee farms to check on farming practices, soil conditions, rainfall, and a host of other
factors, to ensure they produce nothing but the highest-quality beans available anywhere.
No middlemen here.

We rotate our coffee selections on a regular basis to keep things fresh, and bring you the
best-tasting brews and seasonal specialties from around the world. Most beans we grind
are Fair Trade Certified, purchased directly from the farmers who grow them. Most of our
coffees are USDA-certified organic as well.