About Us

What is Dripp® ?

Dripp® is a Coffee Bar with a passion for creating delicious handcrafted specialty coffee beverages and creating memorable experiences. Coffee is our passion, and it we would like to share that passion with our patrons. We also have something for everyone: from our selection of locally sourced ice cream flavors, cookies, and pastries fresh daily. We encourage bringing not just yourself, but also your loved ones because we believe that the best coffee you'll have is when you have coffee together. 

Our Coffee

Dripp® strives to offer only the most amazing tasting stuff. For that perfect coffee or espresso, we roast coffee beans in small batches, and adjust the roast profiles and times accordingly. We rotate our coffee selections on a regular basis to keep things fresh and exciting, and bring the best-tasting brews and seasonal specialties from around the world. Most beans we grind are Fair Trade Certified, Non-GMO, and Organic. Our coffees are specialty grade, meaning they score at least 80 in the coffee quality grading system. 

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Our Environment

Coffee is our passion, and creating great experiences for people is our purpose. We take pride in creating inviting and beautiful spaces for our customers to enjoy coffee together in. With our team of friendly baristas, they aim to please, take good care of their customers, and bring joy to the communities they serve in.


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