Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can order via our Dripp® Ahead Online Order System by visiting DRIPP AHEAD® or simply click 'ORDER FOR PICK-UP' on our main navigation menu within this site, on the home page, or in the footer navigation of the website.

You may place your orders for now (ASAP) or schedule to pick-up at a later time at the location you select. Inventory quantities will vary per store, and items such as pastries will be updated daily prior to a store opening.

If you need further assistance, feel free to call a Dripp® Coffee Bar Location, and our lovely baristas will guide you.

Roasted Coffee

The roasted coffee we ship are roasted fresh to order to ensure optimal flavor enjoyment. Shop Coffee


Ordering a Coffee Beverage In-Store

We make the majority of our coffee beverages to order, to ensure flavor quality and freshness. Dripp® Ahead - Order for Pick-Up

We offer freshly roasted whole bean coffee at a Dripp® Coffee Bar Near you.


Single-origin coffee is sourced from a specific area or region in various countries. These origin names are derived from a particular farm(s) or small group(s) of neighboring farms. Single-origin coffees are unique because the characteristics of the regions’ soil, altitude, climate, etc. all influence the flavor of the beans giving each brew nuanced flavors and a distinctive taste that captures the uniqueness of their origins. We highly encourage you to try the unique flavors of the single origin coffees we offer.

Yes, the coffees we source are organic.

According to legend, an Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi became aware of the effects of caffeine. He observed that his goats became playful and energetic after eating coffee cherries. Coffee beans come from a genus of flowering plants called Coffea. Their seeds are used to make coffee. All coffee in the world grows in the Equatorial/Subtropical regions, also known as the Bean Belt. The main coffee growing regions are Central and South America, Indonesia, and Africa.

We use Arabica coffee. Arabica coffee is a higher-grade coffee and it is consumed by 70% of the world. Robusta coffee is a lower grade coffee but has 50% more caffeine than Arabica. It is consumed by 30% of the world.

Washed coffee is a wet method that results in bright clean flavors. The stages in processing include depulping the coffee cherries, putting the coffee in fermentation tanks to loosen the remaining fruit, and drying the coffee. Natural processed is a dry method that results in a sweeter taste. The stages in processing include drying the cherries with the flesh of the fruit and then removing the seed by Millstone or hand-hulling the coffee.

We are glad you asked! We have created a resource page for various types of brewers.

Brew Guides

Great question! Food product sales such as Coffee, Tea, Pocketbru , etc. are final due to their perishable nature. If you are not satisfied with your purchase (including non-food items), we are here to help. Simply

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You surely can! For more info visit our Franchising Page

*Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have reduced our roasting & fulfillment days for the week - with a delay of only 1 business day. For All Orders without Coffee We ship as soon as possible Monday through Friday. Non-coffee orders placed after 3PM on Friday will be processed and shipped on Monday.

For All Orders with Coffee the cut-off time for same-day fulfillment is 11AM. Orders placed after 11AM will be shipped according to our fulfillment schedules below. We aim to provide only the freshest coffee possible. Coffee Order Fulfillment Schedules (based on Pacific Time Zone) Orders placed after 11AM Monday and before 11AM Tuesday will produce and ship on Tuesday. Orders placed after 11AM Tuesday and before 11AM Wednesday will produce and ship on Wednesday. Orders placed after 11AM Wednesday and before 11AM Thursday will produce and ship on Thursday. Orders placed after 11AM Thursday and before 11AM Monday will produce and ship on Monday.

Please note that choosing an expedited shipping option will not expedite the fulfillment schedule for producing and shipping the order. Expedited shipping only applies once the order ships from our facility.

For Questions regarding your orders for shipping, please Contact Us

To brew a delicious cup of coffee, we recommend choosing the appropriate grind size for your brewer.

If you grind too fine, your brew can over extract and have a bitter taste. However, if you grind too coarse, the coffee may not extract enough and will taste thin and possibly sour. Experiment with your grinder and brew method to see what you like.

Contact Us for any grind questions. We are here for you.